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Website Assessment

For a website to achieve and maintain success, it is important to ensure it is adapting to the changing times. There is a need, therefore, to have the websites' objectives constantly assessed, and to have its features and services constantly evaluated.

Web Philippines, Inc.'s website assessment service encompasses the following criteria:

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Structure and Functionality

Structure and navigation refers to the organization of information on the website and the method in which you move through sections. Sites with good structure and navigation are consistent and effective. They allow you to form a mental model of the information provided, where to find things, and what to expect. Good navigation gets you where you want to go quickly and offers easy access to the breadth and depth of the website's content.

Functionality is the use of technology on the website. Good functionality means the site loads quickly, has live links, and any new technology used is functional and relevant for the intended user. The website should work cross-platform and be browser independent. Good functionality is technology you can't see.

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Visual Design

Visual design is the appearance of the website. It's more than just a pretty homepage and it doesn't have to be cutting edge or trendy. Good visual design is high quality, appropriate, and relevant for the audience and the message it is supporting. It communicates a visual experience and may even take your breath away.

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Content is the information provided on the website. Good content should be engaging, relevant, and appropriate for the audience-you can tell it's been developed for the Web because it's clear and concise and it works in the medium. Good content takes a stand. It has a voice, a point of view. It may be informative, useful, or funny but it always leaves you wanting more.

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Interactivity and Originality

Interactivity is what mediates the connection between the user and the information. It is the way that a website allows the user to give and receive. Good interactivity is more than a few little sound effects and a Flash animation. It's input/output, as in searches, chat rooms, e-commerce and gaming.

Originality refers to the uniqueness and rarity of offerings. When the website offers commendable utility, advanced solutions, or innovation in content/design, then it has truly distinguished itself from the rest.

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Professionalism and Effectiveness

Professionalism and Effectiveness is measured in the way the values, focus, and components of the website delivers customer service. It encompass ease of contact and responsiveness, honesty in advertising and self-representation, and clarity and potency of message delivery.

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