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Website Planning

Websites are like companies. Their success is not accidental. It is based on:

  • Careful preparation/planning that reflects thorough understanding of market needs as well as company's capabilities, and
  • good website management that is guided by a sound business plan and regular site evaluation/justification.

Web Philippines, Inc.'s e-business planning service encompasses the following:

Step 1. Definition of Business Objectives
Step 2. Assessment of Market Conditions
Step 3. Identification of Resources
Step 4. Plan of Action

Interested with our website planning service? E-mail us at info@webphilippines.com

E-business practices deliver an alternative solution to the traditional, inefficient business strategy. The delivery of that solution is based on a well-defined business objective that can be realistically executed within existing business constraints.

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Step One.
Definition of Business Objectives:
defines the framework for setting realistic business objectives and achievable corporate results.


Step Two
Assessment of Market Conditions:
reviews the process to define the target market and user base, assess the competition, deliver a competitive marketing strategy, and formalize the online positioning strategy.

Once the business objectives have been defined, the next step is to define the market conditions. Market conditions begin with the user process, which starts with the supplier and continues through the end user.

Once the users are defined, the next step is to prioritize their impact within the overall strategic statement and to communicate a detailed needs analysis that can be integrated into the timely development and delivery of the online process.

After translating the internal business objectives into specific user needs, the next step is to thoroughly assess the market alternatives for the target users. By thoroughly analyzing the competitive landscape, the business risk of the website is decreased.

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The next step is to create a work plan that will define the project deliverables. This work plan will serve to define the specific resources to deliver the website.

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Step Three
Identification of Resources:
describes how to assess both the internal and external skills and resources necessary to deliver the strategic plan.


Step Four
Plan of Action:
develops a website plan to manage the site after launch.

After carefully defining the project resources, the next step is to create a strategy to manage the site after the launch. Definition of the project time line, delivery of project milestones, and an ongoing assessment of project flow and management responsibilities will ensure that the site achieves the underlying business objectives.

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